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Previous versions are all abourt galactic war where jedi and a representative republic is trying to end the war, while in the second there is no war at. Knights of the old republic 2 official update october 28, 2015 october 28, 2015 lisa clark knights of the old republic, kotor after 10 years and seemingly out of nowhere, star wars. Im trying to do a fully canon run of the kotor series, so this is important. Originally, when you make your starting character, for the attributes give himher 15 wisdom, 15 strength, and 14 or 15 charisma. A formidable foe in pvp warzones and an exceptional tank in flashpoints and operations, the jedi knight guardian talent trees defense and vigilance grant powerful debuff and crowdcontrol skills and the ability to use the force for greater survivability. I originally geared my scout to be melee and gave him balanced stats for a scout 14 str, 14 dex, the like and. Mira, sentinel ranged jedi powerhouse with a really nice ass in her green outfit so, generally, shes always in my party. I was thinking 4 levels of scout, as it grants the most feats and. Jedi consulars are masters of the force and spend less time on combat training recommended for advanced players only. The more wisdom points, the more force points you have. I know that revan is canonically a male, and he is a light side hero, and that hes a soldier, but what is his default character portrait, and what is his default jedi class.

By level 15, it has the most feats of any class, and these feats are the lifeblood of this class. Jun 06, 20 star wars knights of the old republic ii full game size. Knights of the old republic kotor is a roleplaying game made originally for the microsoft xbox and later released for the pc and mac os x, also available on iphone, ipad and android devices. Kotor ii character building in the off chance that now that the game is on steam more people will replay it, decided to make a guide of sorts. I still am not finished but the level 15 guardianlevel 2 soldier is pretty strong.

The second was more powerful, since in the korriban tomb, theres a body which spawns 2 monsters every time you activate it. Knights of the old republic gog torrent or any other torrent from pc category. However, if it comes to battling through usage of melee, it can become a bit of a different story. Id also like to know these things about meetra surik too. In kotor 2, i went light side jedi guardianjedi swordmaster for my first character with a doublebladed lightsaber, and a dark side jedi consularsith lord for my second. The jedi consular begins play as a member of a different class and embraces their force abilities later in the story. Basically, you take scoundrel levels to get the sneak attack feats for bonus damage, and select consular as your jedi class so you can make better use of the statisforce wavehorror line of powers to incapacitate your enemies and trigger the bonus damage when you attack them. I think the problem with your consular build is that youre not taking into account that you get so many things that can boost your wisdom and charisma that there is no excuse to waste initial points on paying 2 for 15 and 16s. Knights of the old republic 2 got a large update on steam. Very powerful in the force, the consular is very capable on the battlefield if they need to be. Ati radeon hd 2600 nvidia geforce 8800 intel hd 3000 256 mb vram or higher languages. Play a consular so you can use aoe attacks or at least use master speed, dual sabers and flurry.

Consular sentinel class skill swap at knights of the old. After 10 years and seemingly out of nowhere, star wars. Knights of the old republic 2 official update star. The jedi consular is the negotiator for the republic. Jedi guardians focus on combat training and lightsaber mastery. The net result however, is better combat in kotor ii because at least youre not just killing one enemy per round in a force jump or flurry with a scoutguardian wielding two overpowered melee weapons. Previous versions are all abourt galactic war where jedi and a representative republic is trying to end the war, while in the second there is no war at all, and no one cares about you as you are in exile. Star wars knights of the old republic ii full game size. It incorporated support for controllers, widescreen display support, 5k resolution and steam cloud saves. Given the high importance of reaching various skill and stat break points 18 con, multiples of 2 in other stats, crafting minimums for various skills, and the very high cost of raising stats above 14 at character creation, and the opportunity cost of wasting other feats or potential increases its helpful to know what the total bonuses. Star wars knights of the old republic 2 differs from the knights of the old republic 1 in many places.

Removes all of the tutorial messages and railroading, to create a more immersive opening experience. The exile was the only one of revans jedi to return to the fold after the war with the mandalorians instead of running off with revan and his. Since youre going for a total damage output build, youre gonna want to do the following things. Kotor2 is really cool but i think it was kinda too short for me, like kotor1 kept me up longer at night but id still say kotor 2 is the best. Knights of the old republic characters shouldnt, at all, be compared to the ones from the trilogy.

Star wars knights of the old republic 2 free pc games download. Similar to yoda, the consular would rather use intelligence and knowledge to get their needed results rather than a lightsaber. Unfortunately class balance is pretty bad in kotor ii, there are clear winnerslosers and not having access to the nonjedi classes prevents some more creative building. Jedi guardian jedi weaponsmaster a one, an a half page guide, for the jedi guardian jedi weaponsmaster. Kotor 2 is not complicated its easier than kotor 1. Apr 07, 2018 it is a rare light saber crystal that contains stats. Five years after the events from the award winning knights of the old republic, the sith lords have hunted the jedi to the edge of extinction and are on the verge of crushing the old republic. Mar 01, 20 sorry guys, for some reason my recording stopped so i didnt get to record the prologue. Development of the sith lords began at approximately the same time that the original knights of the old republic was released for the xbox, on july 15, 2003. Nov 25, 2016 however, in the legends canon revan is male, and light side. If ds vrook might attack you on the settlers too however if you pick the wrong dialogue options, but its possible to be ds and spare him. Four thousand years before the rise of the galactic empire, the republic verges on collapse, darth malak, last surviving apprentice of dark lord revan, has unleashed an invincible sith armada upon an unsuspecting galaxy. Revises the opening of the game, so that the player begins as a jedi apprentice, in a seamless, lorefriendly manner.

On the same space station, and you would get a cinematic like go my son, take care of this useless consular, ill take this worthless jedi kight jan 03, 2018 knights of the old republic 2 was a bracing, stiff drink in a drought, released at a time when star wars couldnt quite decide what it wanted to be. I have played kotor 2 and i greatly prefer the dark side, you may have to kill jedi masters and such, but its worth it, especially if you get force storm and death field because on the iziz place, there were a lot of people, i used force storm and it killed them all, it was quite cool. This video will cover the basics of character creation such as the classes to choose from, attributes, feats, skills, and force. I have just come back to the game and have some good mods like usm and high lvl force powers 2. Rant i feel useless as a jedi consular in the early levels of kotor ii playing in difficult mode so in the first game i went soldier6 consular 14 to get the best of both worlds. Star wars knights of the old republic ii free download. Now then a jedi consular gains little in the way of feats. The main reason i did not try consular to jedi master was because i did not think the high lvl light side force powers were that good in vanilla but now that i have high lvl force power mods it looks very. That said, its pretty much known, and stated by george himself, that sidious a. Jedi guardians are the only jedi class who can select weapon specialization. Well, luckily some modders are using the ununused marterial on the kotor 2 disks and adding back in the original ending, and some of the other missing things like the droid factory. Just load up on grenades and let your lackeys handle most of the dmg. This mod makes your starfields and nebulas look better so that you can actually enjoy looking out of the. Yah kotor 2 is more covenient and theirs more depth in the skills, feats, weapons, characters, storyline, powers etc.

Yes, you can spare her as well and she gets really chatty at that. Also, i just for some reason like doing this, character buildingpower gaming gives me like a weird high or obsession, i dont even know. Oh, i forgot to mention that the guardian is pretty much the worst of the three starting classes, so if by jedi guardian you simply mean a character that can own with the lightsaber as opposed to definitely starting with the guardian class i would recommend a consular weaponmastermarauder or consular assassinwatchman. Casting this on yourself before combat will give you the armor you. From the beginning, the production team had decided that the general atmosphere of the universe would be much darker than in knights of the old republic and that the situation for the jedi would be grim. It is a rare light saber crystal that contains stats. A summary of the jedi consular class story in prepration for kotfe. Achilles gave me permission to use his padawan mod as a base for my own. Edits to bastila, carth, juhani, and bandons dialogue. With the jedi order in ruin, the republics only hope is a jedi knight struggling. Jedi master 1 gains the master prestige sense feats.

I am told that there is a point that you are required to level, however i never noticed it and realized after leveling to 2 that i should save my xp for the jedi class. Honestly, she is probably the most powerful character in the game. Though they will not be able to do the droid planet because it was never put onto the disk like the material for the ending, droid factory, and other stuff. Last time i played it, i went scout 4 jedi consular 16. Game content and materials are trademarks and s of their respective publisher and its licensors. Fresh after kotor 2 run i have been on a gaming hiatus since 2007 i couldnt wait to play a jedi again and i played a consular, and yes, the exile healed and did enough damage, but i am much more enjoying the shooters in this game, particular the smuggler her animations are very entertaining and it seems like a great deal went into. It is impulsive, i like being able to use a wide variety of force powers without worrying about force point costs, and if you do consider this half alternative to the jedi consular approach. Jan 18, 2006 star wars knights of the old republic ii. Starwars kotor 2 jedi consular character customization. What you are about to read is an excerpt from the official star wars. The sith lords walkthrough fans of the original kotor certainly have their hands full with the sequel, which packs in an even longer campaign that will. Star wars knights of the old republic 2 mods and community.

Jedi sentinels are wellbalanced and possess many skills. The main focus of this mod is the 36 new lightsaber hilt models which have been integrated into tsl via random loot, miniquests, training and npc distinct variants. Kights of the old republic 2 the sith lords once again gives you the chance to take the role of an outcast jedi with a shady past. G0t0 unfortunately i dont know how to utilize, i do want to try use him in my current playthrough but if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. If you want to use the force a lot, choose jedi consular. Jedi from the start at knights of the old republic nexus. Jedi lightsaber forms kotor2 star wars knights of the old. Sorry guys, for some reason my recording stopped so i didnt get to record the prologue. Nov 17, 2017 welcome to star wars knights of the old republic 2. Star wars knights of the old republic ii full download.

And also leave a comment saying if you want me to join the dark. It always bothered me that the jedi consular had 6 class skills, more than the scoundrel or the scout, while the jedi sentinel had 3, the same number as the jedi guardian. Palpatine, is the strongest sith force user that exists. In kotor ii, this power can be used to destroy most mines in the field.

It will describe an overview of all 3 acts of the jedi consular class story. Yoda a jedi consular gains a new feat at ever other level, you can see a chart of this progression here. Jun 18, 2015 star wars knights of the old republic 2 differs from the knights of the old republic 1 in many places. A complete guide to kotor gameplay basics introduction. The combat is boring and you pretty much become invincible with any build. Enter the jedi exile, and the beginning of kotor 2. Boasting stalwart stamina, the jedi knight guardian is the epiphany of the melee tank. Choosing classes in kotor archive the massassi temple. Last time i played it, i went scout 4jedi consular 16.

The game was developed by bioware and published by lucasarts for xbox on july 15, 2003, for pcs running microsoft windows on november 19, 2003, and later for mac os x on september 7, 2004. Site features walkthroughs, guides, cheats, character biographies, fan fiction and fan art. This will affect the balance of your party in the following way. Persuade handmaiden to become jedi edit you need to have a high influence with handmaiden. Master prestige sense is the slowest defense progression in the game. Youre better off focusing on speeding through combat and the story. I know id start with 14 dex and con, and at least a 14 in wis and cha actually, definitely higher. Knights of the old republic, the jedi consular is a force for persuasion and diplomacy, seeking to defuse any situation and only resorting to violence when all other options have been exhausted.

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